9 Things Men Secretly Like About Women But Would Never Say

How easy would life be if everyone said what they believed? Or not. Imagine if you told your boss what you were actually thinking. Would you still have your job? Imagine if you told your significant other everything that you were thinking on your first date. Would you still be together? The same rule applies to the things men secretly like about women but would never say.

Why Are There Things Men Secretly Like About Women But Would Never Say?

Words alone are not the most reliable means of communication. In some cases, they can hurt and end relationships. We don’t always say what we don’t like about a person for fear of hurting or losing them. At the same time, we don’t say what we like and adore about a person for fear of looking weak or too cheesy or simply because we don’t know how to say it.

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Look Beyond The Social Constructs 

You see, it’s complicated. The social constructs of the day dictate that men should be strong, not showing emotions, while women are supposed to be caring and loving and vulnerable. Men should make the first move, chase after the girl, pay the bill, and not vice versa. But these are just concepts that society has concocted over the years. They’re not rules; they’re not the law.

As a matter of fact, we should all do and say what we feel and stop overthinking. If you’re a man and you love to sit back and let your girl take the initiative, do it. If you’re a woman and want to take the initiative and ask your man to marry you, do it. Most often than not, it is the right thing to do.

So, let’s see the things men secretly like about women but would never say. If you’re a woman, take your time to think about these. If you’re a man, think about letting your girl know about these. We’re sure there are ways to communicate these.

1. When women pay the bill

Ok, this is one of the most controversial social constructs regarding dating and romantic relationships. Historically and traditionally, the guy pays the bill. This also stems from the fact that the guy is the one who asks a girl out and not the other way around. So, if he invites you, he pays. But should he?

Some men love to do this. It makes them feel manly, protective and strong. Other men believe the bill should be split since you both decided to go out to that specific place. If a woman chooses to pay her share or, even more, takes the initiative and pays the whole bill, it shows that she’s independent, self-sufficient and can take care of herself. It also shows that the woman can go beyond the social constraints of society and make her own way in life.

Some men might feel offended if women pay the bill, while others might find it incredibly sexy and provocative. If this woman paid the bill without flinching, think what other things she can do to surprise you, man!

2. Romantic gestures

Although they might not admit to it, men like girly little gestures that make them feel loved. The sweet nothings, little kisses, hugs, cuddles and cheesy gestures are all things men secretly enjoy. However, because society dictates that you have to despise these things to be masculine, some men might shy away from overflowing loving moments.

If you’re a girl, just pretend you don’t observe that and keep showing your loved ones the attention they deserve. They will soon mellow out and start doing romantic things for you too.

If you’re a guy watching this, forget about toxic masculinity and all that nonsense. Show your romantic and loving side. When you truly love someone, you’re meant to show it to them. Buy your girl flowers for no particular reason, cook for them or take them out to their favourite restaurant and let them shower you with the same gestures. This is true love and caring.

3. When you show interest in his hobbies

Can you pretend to like Rocket League or Counter-Strike? Make an effort and understand his passion for gaming, cars, football, basketball or Hip-Hop music. Show an interest in his hobbies and prove that you can enjoy the things he enjoys because you genuinely love spending time together. It will definitely bring you closer, and you’ll get to spend quality time together in the long term.

You don’t have to become a motor racing die-hard fan, but if you make an effort to understand his passions and obsessions, he will come to appreciate it and return the favor. This is how you build a solid relationship, and your love will only grow stronger.

Besides, men find it sexy when a woman knows a thing or two about cars. There’s a unique appeal to a woman who can do both – be feminine and sexy but also able to kick someone’s ass at Counter-Strike or drift that car like Ken Block.

Guys, please correct us if we’re wrong!

4. A great sense of humor

A great sense of humor can go a long way. It can get you out of any situation, steer the conversation in the right direction and make life so much more enjoyable. It’s an asset, but it can also be a problem when people don’t know how to take a joke.

So, men love a woman that can take a joke and not get offended easily. No one wants a sulking Sally or a super serious Jennifer. More than that, if you can make your man laugh out loud, he’ll definitely fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

Men secretly love women who are hilarious, imaginative and witty in their remarks. Humorous quips and innocent banter are a huge turn-on. Add an overall playful mood, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Things Men Secretly Like About Women But Would Never Say humour 650x975 9 Things Men Secretly Like About Women But Would Never Say

Laughing and having a good time together will only help make your relationship stronger. Laughter and humour represent the social glue that holds people together more often than not.

More than that, humour breeds confidence, and men love confident women who can throw caution to the wind from time to time and have a good belly laugh.

5. When you are a friend

Romantic relationships should be more than romance. When you choose a person to be by your side for life, you choose a friend, a sister, a wife, and a companion in everything.

We all have moments when we need extra attention and need to feel supported and cared for. Show your man that you can be that person, too. Listen carefully, make an effort to understand and be close.

Prove that you’re someone he can open up to, be vulnerable with and always come to for support and advice. It’s important to trust each other and know that you can rely on one another no matter what.

6. Watching you eat

Ok, this might sound like a pretty weird one, but some guys love watching their girls happily eat a full meal without worrying. There’s a specific charm in watching a woman abandon her senses in a delicious meal, hedonistically enjoying every bite. It’s beautiful.

Moreover, eating like you mean it in front of your man can also show confidence and self-assurance. It’s natural and unaffected. It says – “this is who I am, and I’m not gonna’ apologise about liking ice cream a bit too much”.

It can be irritating to be with a girl who is insecure about her body and would go on and on about starving herself to fit into that new dress.

7. When you take the initiative

Men grow up believing they should always take the initiative and make the first step. So, when a woman does that, it can take men by surprise, and in a good way.

If you’re a man, wouldn’t you love to have your wife or girlfriend say, “For this Valentine’s Day, I want you to relax. I’ve prepared something for both of us. You only have to show up!”. Wouldn’t that be marvellous, boys?

Most men love when women are brave and confident and initiate things. Confidence is one of the sexiest outfits a woman can wear. So, how about you spice things up in your relationship, girl?!

Stop waiting for your men to initiate and take the lead. Ask him out on a date. Do it with words. Communicate in clear and common verbal language and give up on those subtleties because he might not pick it up, and you might run the risk of awkward misunderstandings.

So, speak your mind, ladies! Say what you love, what you’d like to do; be open and secure, and no matter how naughty, your man will love it. You’ll see. Right, fellas?

8. Your specific smell

Love and attraction engage all senses. Smell associations can evoke all sorts of memories, intimate or otherwise. Your perfume on your first night together has the power to remind him of your first kiss for years after.

Scent can make your body react long before you perceive what is happening. Our sense of smell is linked to a system in the brain that can influence our feelings and memories. So, it’s also science. Scent plays a significant role in our relationships for both men and women alike.

9.You can effortlessly wear no make-up.

Don’t get it wrong. Men enjoy it when women put on makeup and look their best. However, there are times when no makeup is just as good or even better, and men secretly love it.

Women who are not dependent on makeup to kick ass every day exude a certain kind of confidence that’s so sexy.

While there are men who prefer dolled-up women, there are also those who fancy a woman without too much makeup, letting her inner beauty shine. Why? Because no make-up signals the woman is perfectly comfortable in her own skin, and that’s a massive turn-on for most men.

So, ladies, you don’t have to go to huge lengths to transform yourselves and turn into someone you’re not. Embrace your inner beauty, feel good in your own skin, and the right man will come to appreciate it. Don’t worry too much about it! Just do what makes you happy! Love yourself because it’s hot as hell.