Hilarious!! 33 Images of Silly Mistakes in Textbooks!


Correcting mistakes on websites and blogs is definitely simple but what happens when an editor forgets to do his job and silly mistakes are published in thousands of copies of books? Well it surely leads to some laughter and ofcourse a lot of embarrassment for the editor!

The following are 33 images of the most hilarious mistakes found in textbooks from across the world!

1. Something Odd in the Engineering Textbook

2. Sexiest Rectangle in the Math Textbook

3. Tom Who is About to Show Something Interesting

4. Word ‘Trouble’ in a Racist German Dictionary

14095575928288 funny textbook fails 33 Hilarious!! 33 Images of Silly Mistakes in Textbooks!

5. First Known Picture Of Michael Phelps


6. Typical PC From a Textbook Printed in 2010

7. Invisible Man

8. Hybridisation

9. Egypt in South America

10. Expensive Textbook Using Watermarked Istock Photos

11. Art History Textbook Without Any Art


12. Cockfight

13. American Nuclear Family


14. Buttpaste

15. This Cat That’s Seen Terrible Things

16. Easy Way To Recognize Birds


17. Drawing in the Psychoanalysis Textbook

18. Something that AFC West Fans Would Enjoy

19. Science Textbook in China

20. Justin Bieber in Psychology Textbook

21. “Who am I” in Psychology Textbook

22. Good Reason to Learn A Function

23. The History of North Korean For Use in Schools

24. Statistics Textbook Making Fun of a Crippling, Destructive Disease

25. Textbook Level: Chernobyl

26. Weird Illustration from English Textbook in Korea

27.  4 F’s

28. Easy Way to Remember the Colors

29. Experiences “That Might Not Be Advisable in Real Life”

30. Lex Luthor

31. A Man Doing Drugs

32. Term-To-Term Rules

33. A Woman Saying “Hello” in French to a Couple in a Bush