Here’s how to check who visited your Instagram/facebook Profile Easily

Most social media accounts do not share information about who views your profile.

Instagram in particular has always kept shtum about who looks at what.

The photo-sharing website launched video functionality a while back, where user could see how many views the video had received but it never showed who was watching.

That’s all about to change, as the social media platform tries to keep up with the likes of apps like Snapchat.

Instagram now allows people to see who views their posts through the launch of Instagram Stories.

There are third-party apps offering Instagram users the ability to see who last viewed their profile, who followed them and who recently unfollowed them.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to see who looks at your posts on Instagram Stories

insta1 Heres how to check who visited your Instagram/facebook Profile Easily

While older social media site such as Facebook and Instagram always prevented people seeing who views their posts (aside from likes and comments), Snapchat took the opposite view allowing users to see exactly who had seen videos and picture stories before they auto deleted.

To view someone’s story or create your own, just tap their profile picture (or your own) on the top of the Instagram app. Someone’s profile picture will appear colourful if there is a new story to view. Instagram stories delete after 24 hours and do not appear in user’s profiles or grids.

They also decided to break with tradition and allow users to see who had viewed the posts. An eyeball image will then appear and Instagram will give you a count of how many people have viewed the story – as well as who.

Along with the update came a search function, meaning it is now much easier to see if someone follows you. Just tap on the the magnifying glass on the bottom bar of the app and type in the name. You can also see if they follow you back.

Mashable also claim to have stumbled across a function where users can see how many followers people have, using the search function. However, when tested this, it didn’t show for us.

What about third party apps?

image 34 Heres how to check who visited your Instagram/facebook Profile Easily
(Picture: InstaReport)

There are now a number of third party apps promising to show you who views your profile.

Among them are InstaReportSocial Track and Social Fans and they are a pretty tricky bunch.

Some of the reviews suggest that Social Fans works – but it is difficult to stop the ‘free’ trial of the subscription from taking $40 of your money. No thanks.

Others such as InstaReport have mixed reviews, with one user suggesting the information can be accessed for $4.99 a month while others suggest that the app is less than accurate.

Social track meanwhile is free but users have complained that to see the actual data you have to pay.

Our view? Don’t bother with third party apps because it really isn’t worth the hassle. has contacted Instragram for comment.

A word of warning…

Be careful of any apps asking you to manually tap in your passwords rather than linking accounts.

Back in 2013, an app called InstLike promised users more post likes but instead was designed to trick users into giving out their passwords.