11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!

Checkout our slideshow of Top 11 Extremely modified people:

1. Maria Jose Cristerna

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Also known as Vampire Lady, she has had all but two percent of her body tattooed. Along with this, she has several piercings as well as titanium implanted horns. The part giving her the nickname though is the four surgically implanted fangs she had put in her mouth.

2. Lucky Diamond Rich

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Once completely tattooed with colorful art all over his body, he’s spent over 1,000 hours in a tattoo chair. He has since gone over all those tattoos with dark black ones that he has received from a variety of international artists. Being fully covered in black he has resorted to going over THOSE tattoo’s with white ink. He is officially the most tattooed man in the world that has 100% of his body covered.

3. Etienne Dumont

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b66e510f 500x500 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
Considering himself as an artist, he has used the entirety of his body as a canvas. Along with his colorful body art, he also has several piercings, including a ring through his bottom lip and even silicone implant horns.

4. Enigma & Tiger Lady

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b6848458 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
We’re pretty sure we can figure out which one is which, but both of them are extremely accomplished musicians. As former spouses, the two used to perform in a variety of events including Enigma swallowing swords and running a drill up his nose.

5. Elaine Davidson

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b6b2cd39 500x342 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
She is the most pierced woman with a total of 6,005 noting that out of everywhere, her genitalia has the most piercings according to percent.

6. Horace Ridler

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b6c693bb 500x666 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
A.K.A. The Barbaric Beauty, this English man, after returning from WWI took to transforming his personal appearance. Covered head to toe in black stripes, he died back in 1969.

7. Tom Leppard

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b6d9f95b 500x751 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
He spent quite a bit of money to obtain the title of “Most Tattooed Man,” and after such fled society to hide for the remainder of his life. It is still unclear on if his last name had anything to do with his tattoo’s or if it’s the other way around.

8. Rick Genest

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b6ed9c8a 408x800 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
Has spent over 24 hours in a tattoo chair to achieve his highly desired “zombie” look. The tattoos haven’t halted his personal life or career either as he was recently seen on America’s Next Top Model and is currently in California recording his latest music project

9. Eric Sprague

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b70209e9 500x332 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
Having over 700 hours worth of tattoos there’s no doubting his motivation to look like a human reptile. Dubbed the Lizard man, he has even surgically cut his tongue down the middle to look like a snake. He also has a variety of piercings and surgical implants as well.

10. Dennis Avner

2014.02.24 mrconservative 530b6b70ea037 500x333 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
Did everything in his power to give himself the appearance of a “female” tiger. He had surgical implants in his cheeks, as well as transdermal implant whiskers put in. Along with this he had extensive tattooing and even went as far to surgically split his upper lip. After all this, he had his teeth filed down as well as implant “fangs” put in. He also had breast implants put in to complete the “female” aspect of it all.

11. Julia Gnuse: The Illustrated Lady

a374 Illustrated 11 Extremely Modified People You Gotta See!
Julia Gnuse, also known as the illustrated lady, was born with a condition called porphyria which causes her skin to blister regularly and ultimately scar. In order to cover this up she started getting tattoos applied over the affected areas. After 10 years she was covered in the bastards and holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world.